Thursday, February 04, 2010

I Have Upgraded My Blog!

I thought of launching it on my birthday, but never mind lah, do it earlier lah...

here you go guys
please visit


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Recapping 2009

For this I do not have pictures because my hard disc crashed and that is the saddest thing that happened to me in 2009! All my hardwork, memories of 3 years in college is all gone. After checking through the pictures I took from Danee, I realize I did not take everything. So yeah, will get it from her soon!

In I'll only write what I can remember, ok? If I have my pictures with me I probably can recall the things that happened.

Febuary 2009
Valentines Day at a Japanese Restaurant. And I made cheese cake for him. Honestly if you ask me to make again, I actually sudah lupa!

March 2009
My 21st Birthday at a Korean BBQ restaurant with my friends and family!

(really sad right my blog now no pictures. BIG SIGH!)

April 2009
Had a really funny birthday surprise for Danee. =P

May 2009
Went home for Gail's 12th birthday. This time round I drive around buying things for her party. And this time the 12 year olds are so different from when I was 12 years old! They dance to the tunes by Jonas brothers, I dance to the tunes of er...Barney?

Went to Sarawak! Visited the Cheongs and I wish to go again to explore more. Didn't explore much in Sarawak. I had my worst nightmare there too! =P

Brought Ruffy back from Seremban to Kuantan. He is such a cutie...

June 2009
Last minute preparation for the Malaysian Nursing Board exam and exam was when again? I forgotten! Had farewell and all the picture snapping. Published the class magazine made by me. Did lotsa videos involving the whole class.

August - September 2009
6 weeks attachment in Singapore. Was assigned to the Operating Theater and wasn't happy about it because I didn't like working in the OT due to bad experiences when I was a student.
Josh came in one of the week to visit me. =)
Attended HoGC for the first time and met a few cool friends..They even sent me off when I leave for my 1 month break...I feel so touched!

Celebrated Phoebe's birthday in KL. Bought her a new camera....=)

October 2009
Started my bond.
GRADUATED!!! 15th October 2009!
Received a video made by my church members. So touched! I feel so welcomed to HoGC lor!
Earned my first pay!

November 2009
Josh came over again...=D
By the end of november 2009, I have scrubbed 2o casses.
Shopped til drop kao kao..=(

December 2009
Josh came over again and this time he brought me many many presents! ><>Westlife album from Kelli!
Celebrated Christmas at HoGC and met more new friends. =)
Took Qiao Han out for her birthday dinner at Cha Cha Cha.
Met up with Loi and went to Celebrate 2010 during NYE at Marina Bay for countdown to 2010!

I think I left out some things. Did I?

I hope 2010 will be a better one!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Late Christmas post

This is a long post. Will you read until the last full stop?

Hey everyone! I know it is like 2 days after Christmas, but well, the feeling of Christmas is still in the air! Blessed Christmas everyone!

Christmas was great! If you have been following my tweets, I have been complaining about not receiving sms-es this Christmas! *Laughs* I used to receive so many sms-es every Christmas from friends as far as in the UK and even India! This time, many people do not know my Singapore number and I do not have much friends here yet in Singapore, so I did not receive much sms-es. =( Hahaha! Yeah, but to some who sms-ed me, thank you!!! =D I feel so happy cause after I complained then a few people sms-ed me. Like Josh, Kay Jin, Aretha, and Kel Li. hehehe. ey, even the Sales Executive from Fitness First, Catherine wished me through sms k.....

Anyway, on Christmas day, I went to church and man, it was a great service filled with joy and great people! After a long time of not going to church, it feels great being drowned in God's presence once again. <3>Heart of God Church are very nice. =)

On gifts and cards, of course I received lesser this year, and I give super super less too, which I am not very happy about cause I use to spend til I pokai for gifts on Christmas. But even before Christmas, my pocket is pretty dry already. sob....Also I did not have the time to distribute cards! When I was still young and schooling, I even post cards to friends whom I met in camps and all...friends whom I have not met in years! Now....I have lost all contacts, some are even married!

I can say, this Christmas is a new beginning, a new start of my life. But I still feel bad for not giving cards and gifts. =(

A day after Christmas, Josh came over to Singapore. Yeah, he has been visiting me often. He even gave me gifts from himself, his mom and not forgetting Kel Li! (I won't be putting pictures up because I lazy to wait for it to load on photobucket and I wanna sleep already. So use your imaginationnnn~~~) So I got a new handbag all the way from the UK...saw the one here in Singapore and this is the most expensive bag I have ever owned! Thanks dear! =)

And omg omg omg omg! Westlife's latest album! I am a Westlife die hard fan k.....But I have not been listening to their songs for ages! It is good to hear their music again! Thanks Kel Li!!! (yeah I know my blog is dull without pictures. But really sorry people, I really cannot wait for it to load!)

So, I brought Josh over to Clarke Quay for dinner. It is a beautiful place to dine, but damn pricey too. We arrived there at about 8pm and because Josh kept snapping pictures, we had dinner at 9pm....And because it is way too pricey to dine at Clarke Quay, we end up going over to The Central for dinner. Thought it'll be ok, but hohoho....merry christmas!! LOL! Also very expensive! My first damn expensive dinner in Singapore!

I enjoyed his company very much and I'll miss him dearly. We are unable to celebrate Valentine's day next year because I won't be able to go back as the transportation tickets are too expensive or is sold out and it is also the first day of CNY. Well, God has been so good to us both. 6 years together! Just one thing we need to change is we need to always learn to put God in our relationship and in our walk together. Looking back on how we got together is pretty like a joke. Honestly, we always ask each did we end up being together?! Plus, together for so long! If you ask me, do I regret getting in a relationship? I will say YES! The reason is because I rebelled against my parents and got into a relationship at the age of 15, turning 16 and it started with puppy love only. haha! I think we were serious with each other somewhere in our 2nd - 4th year only. And, because I started so young, and continue being with Josh, I cannot go flirt with other leng zais d. Must control when see leng zais. Then somemore now Josh is not like how I first knew him. He looks more 'bahagia' now. haha (do you understand what i meant by bahagia??)

So how was your Christmas? Was it a meaningful one? If you understand what Christmas is all about, you'll know when it is meaningful to you. Well, mine is very meaningful because it is the day when I felt God's love and touch again, through the people around me! And of course during worship in church.

Next, Celebrate 2010! Am gonna do my new year's revolution!

I really apologize for not putting up pictures! Especially for this post where I have lotsa pictures to put up! Nyeh....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Enjoy lah Enjoy...

I'm not there to celebrate this very day with you.
I hope you'll enjoy this day to the fullest, as you are getting a year older. The next thing you know you're 33!

May God continue blessing you, and I hope He'll bless you with more trips around the world so you can bring me along and can bring me shopping too! =D Continue growing step by step with the Lord in your everyday life, shining for Him in your walk to fame!

Happy Birthday Josh....=)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bluff Wan lor..

You all said after 3 years will have freedom, can do anything. No lor, I feel more stress, and because of this stress I lock myself at home cause I am so damn tired lor.....! Too tired to destress.

Bluff wan lor.....


No matter what I still need to work. Sick pain tired also need to work. Instead of treating patient, I myself is a patient. But no nurse to jaga me. Have to nurse myself. =(

I need a massage...=(

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in Kiasu Land

My flight was delayed last night. And Jetstar flew pretty slow yesterday. Thought will arrive home before 11pm before my flight is delayed. End up I arrived home at almost 12am. Cab took a longer route, fare was $22.80. Damn.

Tired, very tired. I usually need at least 6 hours of sleep. I only had 5.

Too tired to even shower in the morning. Said to myself, I just showered 5 hours ago and went to bed straight, no need shower lah..

So, Josh left for UK last night at 2am. Flew to Dubai to transit and guess what...he just arrived in Manchester at 8.30pm Malaysia time! I wish I could be there. I have never been to a foreign land before, except this Singapore and Myanmar.

How are you guys celebrating Christmas? I do not know how am I celebrating Christmas this year. Missing all the Christmas food I used to have back home, the fellowships and all. Turkey, lamb, pies....sighhh...

Anyway, myeyes are closing. Had a nap but didn't really nap. I guess it's bedtime for me now.

Good night...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Touched by New Friends I made..

These are friends from Heart of God Church, Singapore.
I've only been there twice and they have already make me feel that I'm part of them. =)

They actually send a DVD to my Singapore address and I was surprised to see this video! I had to go to my friend's place to watch it because a netbook doesn't have DVD drive (That is why I need a new computer!).

Throughout my whole life, I never felt so touch before, especially something friends have done for me. They are the first to make me feel so touched and belong.

I mean, I barely know them! But they are like good buddies with me already.

Of course, I do hope to make more new friends, friends like them. <3